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Android phone-dating-nettsteder

android phone-dating-nettsteder

is a world phone, and false otherwise. List CellInfo getAllCellInfo returns all observed cell information from all radios on the device including the primary and neighboring cells. Matches are given a private chat room to get to know one another better. Constant Value: added in API level 26 The number of voice messages associated with the notification. Constant Value: 1 (0x00000001) added in API level 28 Value for Y_cdma_roaming_mode_INT which leaves the roaming mode set to the radio default or to the user's preference if they've indicated one. Text String: The message content. Returns int See also: getSimState added in API level 26 Returns a constant indicating the state of the device SIM card in a slot.

See the omtp Visual Voicemail specification for more information on the format of these SMS messages. The intent contains a URI (available from tData ) describing the recipient, using either the sms smsto mms or mmsto: URI schema.

Download: Family Locator (Free with in-app purchases) Cerberus anti theft This locator app from Cerberus offers an impressive array of remote control features if you find your phone has been lost or stolen. Boolean Whether the phone supports hearing aid compatibility. See also: Constant Value: "ONE_state" action_respond_VIA_message added in API level 18 The Phone app sends this intent when a user opts to respond-via-message during an incoming call. The caller must be the current default dialer. Constant Value: 128 (0x00000080) call_state_idle added in API level 1 Device call state: No activity. Void ( settings) Set the visual voicemail SMS filter settings for the subscription ID pinned to the TelephonyManager. P2 int: P2 parameter (described in ISO 7816-4). ServiceState getServiceState Returns the current ServiceState information. P3 int: P3 value of the apdu command.

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